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Publish an event on TIKERAMA is FREE. Charges only apply to tickets paid by attendees.

10 %

And that's all !

Sell your event tickets on TIKERAMA

With our platform, the fee is only 10 % of the ticket price. Take advantage of a 24/7 marketplace and thousands of authorized physical points of sale across the country. You won't find better services to sell your tickets.

Understanding our fees very simply

Put down pen and paper and figure out how much TIKERAMA’s processing fee will be with our calculator. Simply enter the price of a single ticket and let us do the rest !

TIKERAMA fee calculator

Attendees will pay : 0 F CFA
You will recieve : 0 F FCA

organize an event

Publish your event for FREE on TIKERAMA and boost its success in four easy steps.

Enter event details including the title, description, images, date, venue, sponsors, ticket types, and hotline information. You can also specify whether the event will be livestreamed or limited to in-person guests only.

You can make your event accessible for purchase by publishing it after inputting the details. Attendees can buy tickets anytime, anywhere, and your dashboard allows you to monitor the guest list and revenue.

On the day of the event, use our validation system to quickly and efficiently verify attendees' QR code tickets. This process takes only a few seconds and is more efficient than the traditional paper ticket verification method, allowing your event to start smoothly.

We take care of ticket sales while you prepare for the event. Revenue generated from sales is sent to you every Monday, starting from 30 days before the event. A payment schedule is set at publication, specifying the exact Mondays for revenue distribution.

What are the advantages of hosting your event on TIKERAMA ?

  • Marketplace

    In addition to 24/7 availability, we extend payment methods for your participants through our network of physical points of sale. You won't find such a big market to sell your tickets.

  • Elimination of extra costs and expenses

    With our platform, you can forget about the tedious tasks of computer graphics, printing, revenue collection, and ticket control. Our turnkey solution takes care of these ancillary tasks, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your event.

  • Simplicity and flexibility

    TIKERAMA is user-friendly and includes only essential features. For instance, you can arrange a private event and limit attendance to only your invited guests. There are multiple ticket types available for each event, and prices and quantities can be adjusted anytime to suit your preferences and the pace of sales. Additionally, TIKERAMA offers a range of management tools to facilitate event organization.

  • Support and assistance

    We provide continuous support from ticket sales to the conclusion of your event. Our customer service team is readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. with TIKERAMA, customer satisfaction is one of our core values.